I’m Ken.

A Senior Copywriter, Screenwriter and Filmmaker.


Writer and Film Maker

With over 15 years experience across copy, film, advertising and journalism working for clients like Ocado, Debenhams, Suicide Aware, Morena Morena and RED FM.

I have written, directed and produced six short films working with talent including Fiona Shaw, Jack Reynor, Barry Keoghan, James Mather and Emmet Kirwan. I also invented Factoclock.

I have been lucky enough to win awards in film, radio, advertising and digital.

I strongly believe that the future of the industry lies in brilliant, engaging content and am excited to be a part of it. If I didn’t have a mortgage I’d write headlines for free.

I’m a big football fan and volunteer at my local club. I once led a parade around Guilin, China, won bachelor of the year in my home town when I was 19 and tried to travel around the world overland in 2005. And failed but not miserably.

Most importantly, I spent a year working as a labourer for a scaffolding company. A year full of mud, stairs, and very heavy steel that was mostly on my shoulder. So when a tricky brief comes my way, or a client doesn’t get my genius idea, I take a moment and think of the cattle mart in Fermoy I worked on, in the rain, with a crazy hammer-throwing scaffolder who smelled of fried eggs; and it’s not so bad.