Gustav 2017

A young man wakes up with a strange tune stuck in his head. But what is it? And how did it get there?


Seán T.O’Mailleagh
Charlene Gleeson
Glen Barry
Aoibhéann McCann
Patrick Lunt


Ken Williams – Writer & Director
James Mather – DOP

Shane Callan – Editor

Brian Lane – Music

Steven Daly – Producer

On a wet Tuesday afternoon in the office Lindsey sang ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’,
turned to me and said;
“Sorry, I’ve had Billy Joel stuck in my head all day”. 

Wouldn’t it be funny if Billy Joel was actually stuck in your head”  I replied. And immediately thought ‘there’s a short in that’ 

About a year later we were shooting ‘Gustav’, our fifth short film.

“A laugh-out loud, cleverly edited film with a sharp script.”

Film Ireland