The Daisy Chain 2014

A woman looks back on her childhood and the games she used to play.


Directed by Ken Williams & Denis Fitzpatrick

Written by Ken Williams

Cinematography by Ian D. Murphy

Edited by Brendan Bourke

Narrated by Fiona Shaw

A short film shot in Schull, West Cork, Ireland.

Attendees of a Masterclass with Jim Sheridan and Andrzej Bartkowiak were asked to submit a short script that could be shot easily. I wrote a script about flowers. It was singled out by both Jim and Andrzey.

That night me and my co-director resolved to shoot it. We sent a nice letter a Beckett first edition to Fiona Shaw and a year later we had The Daisy Chain. I like the rhythm of the language against the gorgeous visuals of West Cork. 

The Daisy Chain also screened on RTÉ Television and Aer Lingus flights.